About me

I am a dancer and choreographer, with a foundation in hip-hop. My work is rooted in storytelling and I am inspired by the extensive potentials that art holds in building communities. My work is firmly located within its political context and this informs my work’s visceral delivery and community engagement.

Over the years, I have honed my experience in working with micro, localised community groups, building my practice around people, space and connections. I have regularly facilitated in a range of participatory arts settings including UCL, The Roundhouse, Step In To Dance, LIFT and Talawa. It is these spaces and the individuals in them that have helped craft my artistic voice in my participatory delivery.


– Honour people

– Document stories

– Inspire change

My work has been commissioned by and presented at Serendipity, Bernie Grant Arts Centre, The Place, Arts Admin, Barbican, Lisa Ullman, Breakin’ Convention, Zinnema, and Tempo Festival amongst others.